Demand Generation

How Do You Measure Demand Gen Success?

Flank Media
October 9, 2023

Measuring Demand Generation Strategies

The challenge

Most software tools that track attribution are optimized for demand capture. It is very difficult to measure word-of-mouth conversations or someone listening to a podcast or reading a Linkedin post but not commenting on it.

The Solution

Combining self-attribution together with software attribution.

This quarter we implemented self-attribution by asking ‘How did you hear about us’ feature on all our forms. Around 80% of the time, the self-attribution is different from the software attribution.

This allows us to get deeper insights into customer behavior, but also track things like dark social and difficult-to-measure channels. It also provides us with critical insights in terms of where to allocate our capital and resources.

Focus on building qualitative signals rather than just quantitative metrics. We do this through:

  • Self-reported attribution (how did you hear about us?) on our website
  • Interacting with our ICP on a weekly basis
  • 1:1 customer interviews
  • Comments and engagement on LinkedIn posts
  • Scrolling through community feeds like Reddit, FB Groups, to see what topics are top of mind
  • Audience questions we get during webinars, conferences and events
  • Interviewing influential people in the markets

Because we value what customers  more than what technology says, we:

  • Collect the insights at scale across a variety of channels and mediums
  • Get the insights from places where other companies don’t even bother to look
  • Have confidence in the insights because we get them directly from the market
  • See major opportunities way sooner
  • Move faster and with conviction to capitalize on those opportunities

Key Metrics to track

Top of Funnel:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Exposure to top clients
  • Subscribers
  • ABM metrics
  • Downloads

Bottom of Funnel:

  • SQLs
  • Conversions per channel (SQL>Demo, SQL>Closed)
  • Pipeline velocity (by channel): PV = (Win Rate * SQLs * ACV) / (Sales Cycle / 91 Days)
  • Cost/SQL
  • CAC
  • Payback Period
  • Sales Cycle
  • ACV
  • Qualified Pipeline
  • Revenue
  • Attribution

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